Limited Edition Studio Black


  • 4 sizes to choose – Travel, Phat, Phatter and Phattest
  • Limited Edition Studio Black
  • Scroll below for 7 amazing features and benefits or read 5 Reasons Why Phatmats Rock
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Our eco-friendly TPE mats are an all-round fitness mat that offers functionality, performance, safety, and durability.

Yoga, pilates and gym workouts are a few of the many diverse health and fitness pursuits. So, the size of the mat you choose depends on:
  • The type of activity you intend to practice
  • Your level of experience
  • Your joint and muscle health
You can use Phatmats most yoga practices (except Bikram/Hot Yoga), Pilates and a variety of exercise activities. Including HIIT,strength training and stretching – as part of your warm up and cool down.

Use indoors, outdoors, for travel, in the studio or the gym. You can even set up your own convenient, versatile and safe work-out space in your own home.

Made with dense dual-layered TPE foam and composed with closed-cell technology, Phatmats offer the following significant benefits (TPE means Thermoplastic Elastomer – an eco-friendly and biodegradable material):

  1. Extraordinary dense cushion provides superior comfort and support, whilst also aiding your balance and stability. This means it will absorb impact and cushion your joints and muscles while you exercise. Furthermore, it assists with muscle development and improved alignment, promoting stability in your poses.
  2. With your safety in mind, every Phatmat is dual-layered with a unique rippled underlay and subtle grip textured surface. This allows the mat to maintain optimal grip with its training surface, and offers you improved traction with a stable, anti-slip surface so you don’t have to worry about sliding, slipping or falling.
  3. TPE closed cell technology renders remarkable density which repels moisture, resists odours and fights off bacteria. It’s impermeable construction means these nasties can’t be trapped in the mat, making Phatmats more resistant to wear, ultra durable, hygienic and hypoallergenic.
  4. By wicking away moisture and sweat, your Phatmat should remain dry and maintain its grip. However, for best anti-slip performance it’s best practice to pair with a towel. Bacteria, germs, mold and bad odour can be defeated too, because cleaning your Phatmat is super easy with it’s closed cell structure – just wipe ‘n’ go! (Buy Detox Mat Cleaner from our shop or make your own Fitness Mat Cleaner)
  5. Phatmats are easily rolled out and remain firm, strong and true to form while you work out. They are then effortlessly rolled up and stored. Handle your Phatmat with love and care and it will perform its best and should last forever. Read How To Care For Your Phatmat.
  6. Every Phatmat is biodegradable and recyclable, helping to preserve planet Earth whilst also being completely safe for you. TPE closed-cell construction is designed to organically decompose which means you can play your role in protecting the environment.
  7. With your wellbeing in mind, Phatmats are tested and certified against 169 harmful chemicals (such as PVC, BPA, latex, rubber, cadmium and lead). Phatmats are non-toxic and don’t contain any hidden nasties or any known allergens, so you can work out with peace of mind.

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Phat (4mm), Phatter (6mm), Phattest (10mm), Travel (3mm)