Phatmat Care ensures your mat performs its best and lasts forever by treating it with love, respect and care.

Your Phatmat repels moisture, resists odours and provides a barrier from dirt and other nasties transferred from the floor.

It gathers germs from your hands and feet, catches your body sweat and oils and accumulates dust and dirt if stored in your car, closet or garage shelves.

Phatmat Care

Generally, when you finish your routine, you roll up your mat and head for the exit.

But, it’s best practice to clean your mat after use. You wouldn’t eat from a dirty plate, so why would you use an unclean mat?!

Made with delicate material and biodegradable elements, Phatmats aren’t designed to be cleaned by a washing machine or harsh chemical cleaners.

Therefore, quality mat cleaners are recommended – you can find the perfect solution here with an all natural purifying spray.

Alternatively, you may prefer the DIY approach by making your own natural cleaner to provide an eco-friendly and germ-free clean.

Just spray your mat freely in a ventilated area, wipe it dry with a soft cleaning cloth, and keep your bottle in your bag for the next clean.

For Personalised Phatmats, please be aware that harsh cleaning chemicals, abrasive materials, sweat and constant contact on the print can cause accelerated wear and tear. Avoid wiping over the print area if possible.

Unpacking Your Phatmat

When you unpack and roll out your Phatmat for the very first time, it may not lay flat with the surface and you may find some minor creasing.

However, the elasticity of your mat will allow it to take form over time with frequent use.

You can use your Phatmat straight away. With optimal grip, so there’s no ‘break-in’ period. With frequent use, you’ll notice a gradual increase in grip as you wear the top surface.

For best anti-slip performance, please pair with a towel.

The softness of your Phatmat varies with it’s surrounding temperature; that is, the warmer the environment, the softer it’ll feel.

Leaving it in direct sunlight will increase grip but don’t leave it in direct sunlight or high temperature for an extensive period of time as it may start to deteriorate.

Although it’s strong and dense, don’t leave heavy objects on your Phatmat as it may leave an indent and not return to it’s original state.

Refrain from using sharp, rough and hot materials, from shoes to vacuum cleaners, to avoid damage.

Storing Your Phatmat

With some care and careful storage, your Phatmat will perform its best and last forever.

Remember to clean it regularly and store it somewhere free from dirt and dust. Keep your original packaging for extra protection during storage.

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